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Make your partner feel more loved in the relationship by doing these things

There are lot of acts that make your partner feel more and more loved in a relationship, However, we are going to discuss five acts that can make your partner feel more loved in your relationship.

1. Ask questions that show genuine care about your partner’s life, including the people and things they care about. Don’t take it for granted that because he/she told you something a follow up is not required. Following up shows interest.

2. Small spontaneous acts of care and love. E.g. you passed by his/her favorite cake shop and got him/her favorite cookies, you bought them a small gadget that is fit for any current preoccupations or needs etc. Shows that you are aware of the likes and dislikes of your partner and hence you pay attention and also it is such a lovely and refreshing gesture.

3. Hugs

Feel their body, be their warm blanket. (not really talking about sensual or sexual actions, mainly talking about cuddling on the couch while watching Netflix).

4. Don’t talk too much, listen instead. Everybody appreciates this and is a sign that you respect and love your partner. Some people want to hear it so you may have to say “I love you” more than you want to. But still you should. You have to have their back. Always. And in actions, e.g. if your partner is overwhelmed with work, volunteer to assist if you are fit and capable so, or undertake more household chores to relieve them from stress

5. Support: Always have your partners back in most situations. Even if you don’t agree with it. Confront them in private, not in public. Always have your partners back. I believe your partner should be a priority 99% of the time. You should make them feel like it too

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