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To The Fufu Lovers, When Is The Good Day To Eat These Dishes?

foods are one choice to make, one can never impose on you the choice of food to choose as your favourite food but after taking a look at these pictures am sure your choice of food will change from whatsoever food it is to fufu.

Ghana is bound with so many tribes and these tribes are of different types of food eaten by the people. Fufu is one food that runs through all the tribe and is set to be eaten with different types of soups.

It is known that the people of the Western Region are the originals of fufu and particularly the Nzima's. At Nzima, a person can eat any other food and still cry of being hungry all because he/she did not eat fufu.

To the Fufu lover, a big salute to you, you know the right choice.

So how do you prefer your fufu, is it with light soup, groundnut soup, palmnut soup, ebunebun soup.

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