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Glow as a wedding guest in these 6 lace styles.

From wedding veils, wedding gowns to lingerie, lace is a favorite decorative fabric that boasts countless designs that can make up any look. The beautiful material can be made from a variety of fibers using many different methods, but all lace is known for its intricate, open designs.

Ladies like to look lovely on every occasion, whether as the main subject of the event or even as a guest.

The word “lace” comes from both the Middle English and Old French word, las, derived from the Latin laqueus, which means noose. Laces sprung to popularity in the late sixteenth century, where lace was common for adorning homes and clothing, laces have never gone out of style since then. Royal and noble classes would wear lace collars to signify their status, although laces have become cheaper than it used to, there are still extremely expensive laces that are worn by higher classes. We must know the Industrial Revolution brought about many new machine technologies for making lace quickly and more cheaply, making it more accessible to the masses.

Lace continued to be a popular textile in Europe through the end of the eighteenth century. Italian, French, and Belgium became known for producing some of the best handmade lace.

Lace is a delicate fabric made from yarn or thread, laces are recognised by open designs and patterns created through a variety of different methods. Lace fabric used to be originally made from silk and linen, but it has been replaced by cotton thread and synthetic fibers on a few occasions. Lace is also a decorative fabric used to accent and embellish and sew delicate and elegant clothings. Lace is traditionally considered a luxury textile and I believe it is still considered as such, laces are a luxury because it takes a lot of time and expertise or skill to make.

Laces makes you beautiful and makes you look elegant, I believe entering a wedding with lace will make all the difference.

Being a wedding guest doesn't mean we have to look drab and laces make the difference.

Here are 6 lace styles the will make you stand out as a wedding guest.

Look lovely as a wedding guest or at that special even in lace.

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