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Did you know, "Women hearts beat faster than men" – check out these amazing facts.

 The world we live is encrypted by mysteries which are unvell by research which is in turn carrier out by experimenting and through observations.

 Here are some 20 facts which are scientifically approved to he true;

1. Scientists have discovered that the longer the ring finger is in boys the less chance they have of having a heart attack.

2. Fingernails grow nearly 4 times faster than toenails!

3. People whose mouth has a narrow roof are more likely to snore. This is because they have less oxygen going through their nose.

4. About 10% of the world's population is left-handed.

5. Changing a cat's litter box can be dangerous to pregnant women, as cat feces sometimes carry a parasite that can cause harm to the developing baby.

6. Soaking beans for twelve hours in water before they are cooked can reduce flatulence caused by beans.

7. The lining of the a person's stomach is replaced every 36 hours.

8. The human heart beats roughly 35 million times a year.

9. The stomach can break down goat's milk faster than the milk of a cow. For this it is advisable to consume goat milk.

10. Pound for pound, the tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body.

11. Humans are born with 300 bones in their body, however when a person reaches adulthood they only have 206 bones. This occurs because many of them join together to make a single bone.

12. The fastest growing tissue in the human body is hair.

13. Research has indicated that approximately eleven minutes are cut off the life of an average male smoker from each cigarette smoked.

14. The average person laughs about 15 times a day.

15. The big toe is the foot reflexology pressure point for the head. For this you can massage it when you fell pains in your head in other to reduce the pains.

16. The sensitivity of a woman's middle finger is reduced during menstruation.

17. Women hearts beat faster than men.

18. Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete.

19. Chances of a women getting breast cancer are increased by excessive use of alcohol.

20. Scientists have determined that having guilty feelings may actually damage your immune system.

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