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Guys: She Has Zero Interest In You And Want You To Leave Her Alone When She Exhibits These 5 Signs

You’re pursuing a girl, she doesn’t seem interested. Is she playing hard to get? this article stresses on five signs which shows that a girl has zero interest in you and want you to leave her alone.

She never reaches out first. When a girl likes you, she will text or call you first. It is human nature. You want to interact with the person you like. So if you are always the first one to text, not just in the morning, but all day every day, she is so not having it. In fact, she probably rolls her eyes every time your name pops up on her screen.

She talks about other guys. One way that every girl tries to hint to a guy that she is not interested, is by talking about other guys. She will say someone is hot. She will ask for dating advice, or a mixture of the two. If she is talking about other guys with you, that means you are not the guy she is talking about, which means she is not interested in you.

She avoids alone time with you. Being alone with someone you really don’t want any attention from, is brutal. And if you can’t read her body language, read her lips. She will beg anyone to stay in the room with you two. She will rush out, make an excuse, or repeatedly have to use the bathroom to avoid you.

She never likes your social media posts. When a girl likes you, she wants to know as much as she can. That means she will watch your stories, like your posts, etc. Sometimes a girl will do it out of pity if she feels bad for you, but if she wants you to back off, she won’t even interact. You may even notice that she’s online when you’re messaging her on a social media app, and she may still pretend like she didn’t notice it, or may even choose to ignore it.

She says she has a boyfriend. Unfortunately ladies saying they have a boyfriend is one of the only ways for them to get a guy to leave them alone. Why? Because many men can’t accept a no from a lady. When he realizes there is another man involved and they are his, so to speak, that is the only way a man will accept a no.

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