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When a woman starts visiting you, never do these 6 things no matter how much you love her.

As a man, there are things you shouldn't do to a lady when she starts visiting you. When you noticed that a female friend started visiting you regularly. It is very important you act wise and take this advice because it will help you go along way, so you don't end up getting yourself into trouble or something you will have to regret. 

However, we know that ladies don't go ahead visiting guys who she doesn't know. If a lady visits you, it either means she has a good friendship with you, or she likes you. Or it could be because she enjoys your company a lot. But as a man, you have to be careful so that this doesn't get you into trouble.

Here are 6 things you should never do when a woman visits you.

1. Never allow her to bring her property into your house.

As a man, it is very important that you don't accept a lady bringing her properties into your home if she isn't your wife. Don't buy the idea, even if she is your girlfriend. As a man, when you start noticing that she is beginning to move her things little by little into your house, it is very important you discuss it with her, so she can know you're not comfortable with it. The only person who is allowed to move her properties to your house should be your wife, not a female friend or girlfriend.

2. Don't allow her to sleep over in your house.

I know this can be difficult. However, some men buy the idea of a lady who is not their wife to pass the night in their house. When a woman who is not your wife passes the night in your house, it might be dangerous. This because there are things that can occur during the night that you may encounter or have to face all by yourself that will make you understand the danger of letting a woman who is not your wife sleepover in your house.

This is because she might get sick at night or suffer complicated issues while spending the night in your apartment. And if something happens to her, no one will want to listen to your own side of the story or how it all happened. So it is advisable you always remind your female visitor to go home when it starts getting late.

3. Don't force yourself on her.

Rape is a serious issue. As a man, don't force yourself on her or even think of raping her because she came to spend time with you in your apartment. As a man, it is very important that you know that raping a woman or forcing yourself on her is an offense. If she rejects it, let it be so. Don't think of forcing yourself on her.

4. Ask her out.

As a man, when a woman starts visiting you regularly and always feels comfortable staying with you in your apartment. If you have feelings for her, feel free to ask her out. That is if you want a relationship with her.

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