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Men feed to get fat belly in other to be married- Story of an African tribe

Located in Ethiopia is a village where men compete on who can be the fattest. Ethiopia is a land of many cultures that has been preserved despite western civilization. Along the Omo Valley River in south Ethiopia resides one of these clans, called the BODI TRIBE. They are agriculturist who still engage in the batter trade system.

In the month of June every year, they hold a ceremony of fat men to mark the New Year Celebrations. This celebration is for men who are not married. With this ceremony, they drink a blood mixture, which they claim is a mixture of cow blood and milk whiles living in isolation for six months. The mixture is fed to the men by the women in the village. This is because all the women aspire to marry the man who emerges winner with the fattest belly.

Slim might be important in other places, but for the Ethiopian Bodi tribe slim is the worst thing any man can wish for.

Selected young men who are fed with this blood mixture and other fatty foods for six months later emerge to show their new engorged physic. Men with fat bellies are believed to attract good looking women of the Tribe. The champion fat man is crowned as a Hero for the rest of his life.

Also their main source of protein are the cows they rear, hence they give it special attention and treatment to them. When drawing blood from the cows they do not kill it, they pierce a hole through the cow’s vein to draw out the blood and seal it with clay once they are done.

Becoming a fat man is the dream of every Bodi kid because they will remain a hero for life. Suddenly their Land is threatened by the Ethiopian government who promise to settle about 300,000 people on their land.

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