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Dating Romantic

Ladies, if your boyfriend asks you these questions, it is not insulting, it is love.

A portion of the inquiries he might pose to you might be absurd or even provocative, yet don't think about it literally; it's all in great tomfoolery. He might ask you inquiries to which you can't answer, yet on the off chance that you are compelled to answer, never be frightful in your reactions.

We should take a gander at a portion of the inquiries your beau might pose to you.

Do you brush your teeth with strawberries? It's love.

You are not sugar, but you are honey or sugar cane. That is why you have a test during the romantic time.

With your smile, you look like a housefly. That is why I'm not sleeping.

Your hair looks like pawpaw leaves. That is why I can't stop loving you.

You are looking like diet bread. If your boyfriend says this, it's love, not an insult.

Your skin looks like the sky, which is why you are attractive to me.

The fact that you look like pawpaw because your face is rough is a compliment, not an insult.

If he asks you that you were not born in your mother's womb, but my heart. It's love

Your legs resemble strawberries.

Don't insult your boyfriend if he asks you, "Was bottom you?"

If your boyfriend asks you if you urinate, don't be offended; it's love.

If he asks if you eat, why can't you eat to your mouth or nose?

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