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"Alpha Male" - 3 Clear Reasons Why Women Reject Your Proposal

Being an alpha male in the love game demands more style and swag to change things around you. I guess you are sick and tired of watching your friends play the chess love game with great joy and style while you continue to daydream. Don't worry, your era of daydreaming of how to make a woman accept your proposal is over. Learning some simple tricks in understanding women and how they function can go a long way to make you an attractive guy.

I've been daydreaming for the past years until I realised I have to get out of my comfort zone and learn some tricks to make me stand out tall, and guess what? It worked. Now I can confidently tell you that, I can have all the women I want and over. There are certain behaviors you should do away with to make you the man of the match and avoid women rejecting your proposal. Let's bounce deeper to uncover the secret.

You Behave Like A Man-child

Many guys indirectly knows that they behave like a man-child and it's time you put a stop to it. Women like guys who are able to stand firm on their grounds to prove them wrong. Talking too much as a guy makes women see you as a man-child and that needs to be stopped. Your mannerism and how you compose yourself can speak for you. Women of high profile needs guys who would be able to influence them in a positive way and not the other way round.

You Look Broke

Being broke in the love game literally means, you are not financially stable. Almost all the alpha male you see around you are able to have the woman they want just because they smell rich when approaching. Refuse to be broke if you want women to stop rejecting your proposal. Begin to look for a job that would make you at least stable before you approach any woman.

Your Sense Of Dressing

Yes, you don't need to be overly rich before you change into good looking dress. I've realized that my game in the dating sphere was much more centered on how I dress. Women take critical look at your dressing anytime you approach and that can determine whether you would make it far. No woman would want to walk with a guy who has no sense of fashion. Dress well to be celebrated and love by women.

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