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Why People Abstain For Sex

Why do you have sex for long?

The phrase "too much of a good thing" can absolutely apply to sex, we know that too much sex or rough cause small tears in the vaginal walls and increase the chance of bacterial infections-but what about abstaining from sex for too long?

For men, the effects of going without ejaculation for long periods of time can include epididymal hypertension (known colloquially as "blue balls"); sexual frustration and the possibility that the body may ejaculate voluntary, most likely resulting in a nocturnal emission(wet dreams).

For women, however, the effect may not be obvious, in this article, we explore the reasons for a long-term abstinence, the physical and mental effects, and how long masturbation can play a role in sexual health.

Reasons why you might abstain from sexton

There are a lot of reasons why you might go along time without sex, or stop having sex altogether. The societal pressures around sex having can sometimes enough to make you want to abstain out of choice. However, it is importance to know that there is no shame in not having sex, and many people live happy, se-free lives. Here are some common reasons for sex abstinence;


An asexual person is not sexually attracted to others, or has a low interest for sex. This may be due to personal choice, previous trauma associated to sex, health issues, a preference for platonic relationships, or being asexual from birth. Some asexual may be celibate(sexually abstinent), while others may have sex occasionally.

Religious reasons

Celibacy is practiced in many religions around the globe, including Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism. It is thought to be a sign of commitment to their faith.

Low libido

Low libido or low sex drive, can happen for a number of reasons, including; relationship problems, vaginal conditions such as dryness and vaginismus, mental health problems such as stress and depression, pregnancy, certain medicines, alcohol and drug use and aging. Many women who are through the menopause may experience low libido, which can be treated with holistic treatments, psychotherapy or hormone replacement therapy(HRT)

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