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Signs That You're Dating A Real Woman And Not A Girl.

It seems most men are dating girls and not women. If you're wondering why your last relationships failed, it could be due to the fact that you're dating girls and not women. When you start to date a real woman, there's this satisfaction you start to enjoy. Everytime you spend time with her, you wonder if there's anything on this earth that can separate the two of you. Being a woman has to do with lot more than age. It has to do with behaviours and the inner beauty. Below are signs that you're dating a woman and not a girl.

1. She doesn't make you pay at every date. It's an established fact that women actually spend on the men they love if they've the money. Real women try as much as they can to spilt the bill when you go on a date with them. They sometimes try very hard to foot the bill fully. They try their best to always be of help to you when you need it. They're matured and they're aware it's their responsibility.

2. She's not trendy. Women try to develop their own style and personality which might sometimes not fit with the current trends. If your girlfriend is constantly changing her looks and taking inspirations from the pop culture, you're dating a girl. Their lives revolve a lot around outside influences which prevents them from discovering their true selves. Women have their own tastes and fashion sense they don't need confirmation from external influences.

3. She's always looking for ways to better herself. Women love to always better themselves. They take inspiration and entertainment from books. This doesn't mean women don't watch TV. They surely do. They watch good stuff that'll make them better women. They watch movies that'll inspire them or are based on true life events. They hate small talk. They love to talk about stuff that will make both of you crack your brains.

4. She just wants love. Girls usually think everything they own is a matter of impression. Women would love you the way it's needed to be done without expecting anything from you. She loves it when you're both becoming a better version of yourselves. When this is happening, you start to value her more, helping you to discover more about yourselves in your relationship.

5. Women rarely lie. Lying and cheating are common traits of girls. Women like to keep you updated on almost everything they do. Having a matured woman is such a blessing because she thinks about the ethical aspect of everything. This helps her stay loyal to you with no insecurities to hide.

6. Really talks about the future. Women love to have talks and plan about the future. Girls are so much concentrated on their pasts. They tend to make no plans for their future. They just take everyday as it is. Women try to help you everytime they've the opportunity to do so. 

We shouldn't forget we must do the same thing to our girlfriends who are women. You should be a man! Kindly like and comment on my article. Don't forget to share with friends and family. Do follow me as well. Take care and don't forget to mask up

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