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Divorce Affair

Video: See What This Couple Were Doing That Got People Talking.

A young couple, probably between the ages of 20 and 30, have been recorded on camera doing the unexpected in public. Watching the screenshots from the video in this article, you can see a man holding a lady's right hand trying to drag her to enter the room. But the lady doesn't want to go inside. It creates confusion between the young couple that makes people leave around to come to the scene. They question the couple about why they are arguing.

The man explained, "I met this beautiful lady on the road." When I saw how big her backside was, it attracted me, so I approached her and explained my feelings to her."She accepts but charges me money before she will follow me to my house." I asked her how much. She said 500 cedis. I didn't hesitate to give her the money because she was so attractive to me. Upon reaching the house, I wanted to have an affair with her, but she said she was on her period, so we cant have an affair. "

The lady also explains her part of the story. She said the man's penis is too big and she can't take it. The lady, too, is refusing to give the man money back because she is too broke. People who came across the video couldn't keep it mute. Check out the reactions from people below.

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What is your view on this article? Should the man allow her to go with money because she is on her period?

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