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Divorce Affair

Reasons why some married women cheat on their husband

As men cheat on relationships, so do women. It's just that we don't pay as much attention as we pay attention to men. Their reasons for cheating are different from each other.

There are several reasons why some married women fall in love with other men. It may not be the man's fault, the fault may have come from the woman. In this article, I will show you 7 reasons why some married women fall in love with other men.

1. Emotional Hunger

While studies show that cheating men are mostly sex¥ally motivated, cheating women often do so to fill an emotional need. Whether the issue is physical or emotional, a woman can deceive because she longs for dialogue, empathy, respect, devotion, worship, support, or other lack of communication in their current relationship.

Some people convince themselves emotionally it's not real. However, most of the sex starts emotionally.

2. When she feels neglected and ignored.

One of the reasons a married woman falls in love with another man is when she feels neglected and ignored. If her husband ceases to pay attention to her in the way she wants, the husband does not have her time, and whenever she tries to make her husband feel his presence, she is ignored, she can get comfort from another man.

Women do not want to be ignored or ignored especially by their husbands. However, when he feels that he is a stranger to his marriage, he may be tempted to find a partner who gives him the time he wants and a man who respects him.

3. Lack of intimacy.

When there is no feeling of intimacy in a relationship, it can cause married women to fall in love with another man. When a man does not communicate with his wife at all, he allows her to seek a marriage mate.

4. She cheats when she is lonely.

When a woman is very lonely in a relationship, that can make her deceitful. If the husband is not emotionally involved, she may not be able to fill that void and may even fall in love with another man.

5. Her husband is very critical.

When a woman has a lot of trouble in her marriage, it can make her fall in love with another man. When a man constantly criticizes her and does not make things easier in a relationship, that can be deceptive.

6. Anger or Revenge

Some women enter into relationships with those who have a negative view of themselves. When a partner fails to meet expectations and is unable to meet all of their needs and desires, it can create a rift in a relationship that provides the impetus for deviation.

Some women may irritate their partner for another reason, such as revenge on their partners, and use their infidelity to seek revenge.

7. An Underlying Condition

Stress and infidelity go hand in hand. Love is very appealing, that the brain can begin to release the dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin-neurotransmitters it produces when we are attracted to, but not the same, which are the same chemicals produced while using drugs." he said. In other words, a cheating spouse can cure his or her illness, even if they do not see the real reason for their happiness.

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