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Sad: Am Willing To Marry But No Man Is Interested In Me Because Of This Reason - Read Full Details

Young lady shares her story to the general public after releasing she is now getting older and older everything blessed day. According to the young lady, no man is showing interest in her meanwhile she is willing and ever ready to marry at her age now.

"My name is Celestine from Volta Region but living in Accra. I am 31 years of age and I am a nurse as well, am working in one private hospital at Accra. I am a very hardworking and beautiful lady who always look cute and attractive in the sight of men but none of them is ready to marry me. Am not married, still single because all the men who came into my life are not ready to marry me because of my condition".

"When I was 22 years I remembered I fell on a mango tree and landed on a very big log on the floor and there was excessive bleeding of blood from my private part and it is affecting me till now. Because of this, I have been experiencing menstrual periods anymore from the age of 22 till now, am 31 years old. Meanwhile without my period I cannot be able to give birth, so that is the main reason why men are not showing interest in me".

A lot of me have been approaching me but the moment I explained my condition with them then they left without telling me words of encouragement and confidence but rather insult and disgrace me. Almost 8 men did the same thing to me just because of my condition. I always let them know whom I am before anything else with start between both of us because I don't want to kept quiet on it so that when he later find out then it will be a disgrace to me".

"But now I think I should keep it to myself as a secret so that I get someone to marry me since they are not liking me with my condition".

Please I need your advice to build my life in terms of relationship issue, tell me what to do so that I can get someone to marry me because am willing to marry since all my younger sisters are married and they are always insulting me about me not getting married.

What should I do now?

Share this information accross for me so that I can able to get advice from love ones.

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