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How Do Men Get Money When 'Broke' Woman Quizzes

In our Part of the world, the norm has it that men should take care of their women and provide them with every necessary thing they require to make them better. Its even in the Bible, Qur'an and Tradition/Culture.

These requirements include food, clothes, sponsoring her education if possible, getting her a place to stay, giving her parents money, paying school fees of your children who are also her children, buying her pad, ensuring she gets satisfied in bed, you May end up taking the blue pill which costs money.

Ladies also cook for the family though some do not, they prefer to buy from fast food joints, others do wash in the house whilst the rest prefer to send it to laundry, some breastfeed whilst others prefer lactogen, others support their partner with money whilst the others insist its the duty of a man.

A lady by name Queen Shelley has questioned how men work miracles when they are broke.

She wondered if men also have people they go to for support, the development has caused several reactions with people thanking her for being an open lady and admitting men go through a lot, others have called her to come for MoMo just for speaking the truth whilst some said she was just looking for attention because she knew men work to earn their income. Queen Shelley is a controversial writer whose publications sometime raises the pulse o.most people including men that enjoy her comments about the masculine gender.

My final suggestion to men is to allow women a day or two break to rest in a week, just let her rest she shouldn't to anything(cooking, washing, carrying a child about, pounding fufu, mobbing the house, no sex etc) , its not easy to be busy for 365 days please, allow her at least a Sunday every week to rest, God rested also.

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