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Check out some adorable pictures of cute identical twins in Ghana.

Indeed, twins are one of the beautiful aspects of creation humanity fondly appreciate and it's one of the much coveted wish of most couples when building their families. According to science, twin birth is one of the eccentric occurrence in reproduction where two spermatozoa simply know as sperms, fertilizes an egg(in a woman). The Zygote(fertilized egg) then split into two and subsequently forms two babies.

Twins can be identical or Fraternal. Identical twins share same genes and always of the same sex. Identical twins looks virtually similar and takes a close gaze to spot the difference. However the Fraternal twins have different genes and may have different or same sexes. Twins are fairly distributed in every country, since there is no biological restriction as far as race is concerned. 

With Ghana being one of the favourable countries in Africa for childbirth, it's no coincidence we have a lot of adorable twins here. Check out some pictures of cute identical twins in Ghana.

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