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Man Narrates How A Hookup Ladies Almost Collected The Little Destiny He Is Managing.

The things that are happening these days are very shocking. A young man identified as Mr Maurice on Twitter has narrated an experience on how a hookup lady wanted to use her waist beads to enchant him.

In a post made by Mr Maurice, he first invited the unidentified hookup lady to his house so that they could both have a good time together at night. However, when it was time for them to get intimate, he noticed that the lady was wearing waist beads which looked suspicious. From his intuition, he told the lady to take of her waist beads before they engage in any form of carnage activity, but the lady refused to take her waist beads off. Mr Maurice insisted that she remove the waist beads but she didn’t. All his efforts proved futile. So he decided not to make make love to the hookup lady.

Unfortunately for him, it was already late in the night and so he couldn’t sack the hookup lady from his house. The lady then slept in the bedroom whilst Mr Maurice passed the night in his couch at the living room. Morning came soon and to his surprise, the hookup lady demanded that Mr Maurice should pay her the full amount they both agreed on.

Since they did not sleep together, Maurice also refused to pay her the amount. He only said he was going to pay for her transport fare because they had no sexual relations during the night. After a long argument, they both came to an agreement. The hookup lady finally agreed to take the transport money and left the house.

According to Mr Maurice, the lady’s action and firm stand on not removing her waist beads before sex means she has an agenda and evil intentions which was going to negatively affect his destiny. If the beads were just any normal waist beads, removing them before sex should not be a big deal for the hookup lady. Do you agree with him?

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