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4 Fun Games to Play with Your At Home

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Simply playing any of these games with your date will ensure that you have a genuinely enjoyable and memorable time together.

1. Write words on the body and spell them out.

This is a pleasant game to play with your lover that may also be funny and seductive. Get him to lay down on his stomach, nude. Write words on his back and ask him to identify them. Scribble quicker as he grows better at identifying it, making it more difficult for him.

2. Read an erotic novel aloud and act out the characters

Choose your favourite erotic book or short story collection and read it aloud to each other, taking turns playing the principal characters.

And every time one of you needs to read an erotic paragraph that requires stroking or fondling body parts, read the action and then perform the same thing on your partner's body.

3. Body painting or massage

Give your man a massage with a pleasant conclusion. It's a simple and enticing game that may bring his dreams to reality. Alternatively, apply some moisturiser or massage oil on him and rub your hands all over him.

Take your clothes off, offer your partner some edible body paints or watercolours, and invite him to use your body as a canvas. It'll always be enjoyable, and the sex in the shower that follows will be equally so!

four. twister

Twister is another no-brainer enjoyable game to play with your lover. It's entertaining and allows you both to relax in a much more tactile way—except there's no sex involved. Find out who is more flexible and bendy—who knows, you could wind up laughing together on the floor.

5. Staring contest

Our may be the most infantile of the games to play with your boyfriend on this list, but the "staring game" is a fun game to play at any stage of your relationship.

Thank you for reading.

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