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Meet The 5 Types Of Ladies You Should Not Marry- Counselor Yvette Reveals

Several men in our contemporary world have had problems in their marriages and most of these marriages ended in a very bad manner. And these incidents normally happen because both partners failed to take certain things that are normally called the "Red Flags" into consideration.

Counselor Mrs Ananji Yvette who is a Cameroonian relationship and marriage counselor who normally post about relationship and marriage issues. In one of her post she revealed that there are 15 types of women that men should not marry. But in this article only 5 kinds or types will be talked about and the next five will be revealed later I the course of the week.

Below are the things she revealed.

1. Any lady who is still, so excited about life, that if the man drinks two bottles, she drinks three bottles. She is nit ready for marriage. Don't marry her.

2. Amy lady who prefers to buy fast food instead of going to the market to buy foodstuffs and cook is not a wife material. Don't marry her.

3. Any lady who is dating two or more guys at a blow for fear of disappointment will probably cheat in marriage. Don't marry such as a lady.

4. Any lady who doesn't respect you won't submit to you. Do not marry such a woman.

5. Any lady who is too independent and self sufficient won't stay married. Stay away and don't marry her.

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