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Wedding planning scene

Consider These Areas: How To Make Your Wedding A Successful One

What is essential for a wedding to be perfect? There are so many things to decide, so many people to contact, that no one may be surprised that more and more people are hiring the services of an expert in wedding planning or wedding planner.

One of the keys to celebrating the perfect wedding is to carry out a meticulous organization of each of the preparations. Because in addition to desire and enthusiasm, there are other qualities necessary to face that previous job such as patience and organization. There are few keys to a perfect wedding and many at the same time.

A good organization is key so that when the day of the wedding everything works like a perfectly oiled machinery . That the guests do not have to wait in the banquet place too long for the bride and groom to arrive, that they know where they have to go at all times, that there is not too much waiting time between plates or that once the banquet or the celebration everyone can get home as soon as possible is key to a perfect wedding.


There are many things to take into account and it is difficult to be relaxed at the wedding and enjoy it if you have to be aware of all those things in the first person. For this reason, more and more people are betting on delegating and having an expert in organization by their side on such an important day. It's easy to understand, right?

The right place

Where will the wedding take place? This is one of the most important decisions facing the bride and groom. Couples are usually clear about what type of ceremony they want, if a civil wedding or a religious wedding , but not so much where they want to celebrate this and the subsequent banquet. Until a few years ago, this decision was easier. The ceremonies were reduced from the court to the church and the banquets were generally held in large hotels and restaurants. Today, however, the possibilities are endless: farms, farmhouses, gardens, all available to wedding couples.

Wedding venues

The ideal is to bet on a space in which everyone can feel comfortable ; both us boyfriends and guests. What do we understand by comfortable? Don't feel out of place or too overwhelmed; make it a place that makes them feel immediately at ease. In addition, if a place is not accessible enough, we must provide our guests with the way to get there. Hire a bus service that can first take the guests to the banquet and then, at the end of the banquet, to their homes.

The details

Details are very important and can transform a place. Flowers and lighting are probably two of the most important when it comes to wedding decorations. Both have the ability to make a space more welcoming and attractive. Flowers are essential at the table . Ideally, mix low and high centers to provide movement; This is recommended by those who understand this art. And if the budget is tight, you can always replace the flowers with green leaves.

Flowers and lights

Lighting is key, in addition to making a space more welcoming and attractive, to adapt it to different times of the day. Good lighting is also essential to achieve good photographs . And it is also a security element. If the banquet is at night, we will have to ensure that the guests find all the illuminated paths.

The wedding guests

At a wedding, guests are a priority. They must feel comfortable at all times, know where to go, how and when to get there. In addition, we must provide, as far as possible, information about the city to those who travel and, as we have already mentioned, the means to get to and from the wedding if this is not an accessible place. If you also want to have a detail with the guests, the ideal is to bet on something practical that they will use at the wedding or at home.

We are talking about espadrilles, fans, plaids, scarves depending on the season in which you get married, one or the other will be more successful. We talk all the time about the guests and it is that choosing the guests well and that they have fun is one of the most important keys to a perfect wedding. And by choosing well we mean inviting those among whom we feel comfortable. The wedding is going to be an important day, beautiful but very nervous, so it is better to be well surrounded.

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