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How she hugged: Date Rush Odelia is 'too much' into Kingsley and she needs to take her time

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Kingsley was admired by almost all the ladies to the extent that, for the first time, two ladies kept putting on their rush anything he puts them off. Josephine had told him that she wanted to go home with him. She was not the only one who did that because Theophilia was so desperate that she was not ready to accept any excuse for not being chosen by the tall gentleman. What surprised Giovanni Caleb was how the ladies became aggressive any time Kingsley put off their rush. The fact is they admired the calm personality of the man in the white top.

Kingsley was able to choose his date after asking a difficult question about what the ladies would do if he was gifted 2,000ghs by an elderly woman who has an interest in him. Whilst another lady said, she would be indifferent, Odelia wittily disclose that she would just ask him to pay all the money into tithe to enable them to focus on working on their own. Many Ghanaians felt Odelia did not answer her questions well but the man who loves her was not perturbed. He easily chose Odelia and went into the middle of the stage to release some of his dance moves.

Odelia, who was so much in love, rushed to Kingsley and gave him a heavy resounding hug. Her hug was so tight that Kingsley could be seen appreciating the creation of God. Many Ghanaians are advising Odelia to take her time with Kingsley and study him. It should be noted that Odelia's body language on the show tells her emotions for Kingsley and we can interpret that she could be too much into Kingsley. Please do not forget to drop your comments in the comment section. Is Odelia too much into Kingsley or her style of hugging was just for the cameras? Kindly follow JUKELAFRICA for more updates.

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