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Ladies, 4 Mistakes You Should Never Make In A Relationship No Matter How Much You Love A Guy

As a woman, there are certain mistakes you should never make in a relationship. Most times, some single ladies who are desperate for marriage make one mistake or the other without knowing what it can cost them in the future.

Love is beautiful, especially when you're with the right partner. But loving him blindly is not advisable. As a woman, no matter how much you love him, the fact that he is not your husband yet, there are certain lines you shouldn't cross, so you don't have to regret it in the future.

1. As a lady, it is not advisable you commit an abortion for any reason. You should not risk your life for any reasons. Abortion is very dangerous and can put one's life at risk. Not just that, abortion can also damage your womb and deprive you of giving birth in the future or when you are ready.

2. As a lady, you should not do things that you don't like just to please him. Just because he promised to marry you. A man who is deeply in love with you will never ask you to do something you are not comfortable with just to please him. A man who deeply loves you won't ask you to smoke or drink alcohol with him. When he knows you don't like drinking or smoking. Such a man will mess with your life and go after younger ladies.

3. If he promised to marry you and asked you to come and stay with him in his apartment, it is advisable you don't make such a mistake. There is a high chance that he can still dump you for another lady tomorrow. A man who loves you will never ask you to move into his house while he has not come to see your parents.

If he truly loves you, like the way he claims, he will marry you. A man who loves you will do the necessary things and get married to you. 

4. As a lady, it is also important you don't follow him to different nightclubs, such as bars, hotels just because he promised to marry you. While you're not comfortable with this. As a lady, you should not make the mistakes of displeasing your self just to impress him. Because he promised to marry you.

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