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Act Sexy By Doing The Following (Girls This Is What Boys Want)

1. Exhibit pure confidence. Rather than wait on others to tell you how sexy you are, create a self-acceptance all on your own. Build a positive body image by finding what you love about yourself and fine tuning your self-esteem.

Repeat a mantra to help create self-hype like Tyra Banks’ “fierceness approach.

Excel at something like no one else. When you know you can kick butt in soccer or create moving poetry, sexiness will ooze from your pores.

2. Skip the words. You can speak volumes with just body language. If you want to be sexy and mature, determine what works for you. Maybe it’s a subtly licking your lips, a cute wink or a full blown hair flip.

3. Walk with purpose. You’ve seen those people that walk around the mall and people stop and stare. Go for that! It’s more of a saunter than a stroll. Perfect this sexy tactic and you’re golden.

Keep your gait short and watch your posture.

Be as natural as possible which may take some practice.

4. Be yourself at all times. If you are known for your wicked sense of humor amongst friends, then don’t hold back. Perhaps you’re blessed with an IQ that’s through the roof. Either way, people will think you are sexy because you are secure in who you are and are not pretending to be someone else.

Non-conformity is hot so rock the blue hair.

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