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Man calls off wedding 5 days to the day because of what he found about his future wife

A man has been said to have called off his wedding with the would be wife five days prior to the real day of the wedding ceremony because of what he discovered about the lady he had in mind to marry few days later.

The account of the incident was relayed by the man's friend through a post he made today in a Facebook group which is called Rant HQ.

How will you feel, if 5 days to your wedding, you find out something unspeakable and unthinkable about your future wife or husband, after all the necessary arrangements have been made? "God forbid" you may want to react to the above asked question.

Well, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. No one can actually understand the gravity of pains more than the person that is feeling the pain.

According to what the male Facebook User disclosed about what happened to his friend. He said that the friend called off his wedding 5(five) days to the day because he found out that, the future wife was already 2 months pregnant for another man different from the would be husband.

He posted this:

"My friend called off his wedding 5 days to the day bcos he found out his supposed wife is 2 months pregnant for another guy. Ladies why na?

The post which seemed like a dream to some of the members of the group, didn't go unnoticed. Some of the group members took to the comment section of the post to express their thoughts on the issue.

The screenshots below are some of their comments:

What can you say about the lady's betrayal to the man? If you were to be him, would you had called off the wedding as he did or forgive the lady and continue with the wedding plans?

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