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He Said He Will Just Rub It At The Tip But This Is What He Did To Me.

I live in an estate where many of the resources are always indoors doing their thing. Formerly, I stayed in one of Ghana's big cities, Accra to be specific. Since I joined the residents of my new location, I have never done it before. I hope you know what I mean. My boyfriend traveled to the United States, but since he got there, I have never heard from him. As a woman in my epitome of sexual desires, I cannot wait for him to come back to Ghana before I can taste the forbidden fruit.

There is a certain well-built guy with a masculine body with all the six packs visibly showing even when he is T-shirt. Ever since set my eyes on him, I have developed an immense sexual attraction for him. The problem I am facing is I don't know how to approach him as a lady because in Ghana ladies who openly express their feelings for boys are always regarded as cheap girll's.

There is a popular saying that those who go after their dreams achieve it.There is a gym in the neighborhood where noticed the gentleman in question always trains twice in a day, perhaps his visible six packs.

I found ways and means to bring him into conversation so one morning I put on one of my sexiest dress and intentionally went to the gym as if I was there to train knowing very well the guy has entered the gym. I walked around trying to get his attention, but it seems he was too busy getting his muscles and packs. He never gave me an attention. My plan did not work, so I went back home.

The next early in the morning I came to lodge under a tree close to his house where he jogs to the gym on a daily basis. Immediately I saw him coming, I mastered courage and went straight into his way and said high. He responded hello. We talked for some minutes, introduced ourselves and exchanged numbers. For almost two weeks we were chatting each other. The friendship grew stronger for some couple of months.

He requested for a visit on the third month; I went over to his house. We had some fun and as we kept boiling; he kissed me unaware. I pretended I didn't like what he did, so l asked him why he did that? He said he was sorry, but I grabbed him and gave him a deep kiss which ended us in his bedroom.

The foreplay was good; I was wet, and the guy was standing straight; he told me he will not enter but will just rub it at the tip. I believed him, but before I could say do not push further he was already four inches inside me.

The game lasted for close to eleven minutes. I went home with satisfaction that I have been able to achieve my dreams. Unfortunately for me, he released inside, and I am pregnant now. My boyfriend is on his way coming soon. What should I do? Advise me, please.

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