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Love Compatibility Test Using Blood Groups in Relationships

Knowing your blood type or group enable you to improve on your health and it can also be a lifetime changer. Blood groupings are not only related to health issues but also help to identify personality traits and determine how compatible you are with someone in relationships.

There are four (4) main types of blood group which are A, AB, B and O. All these types are either positive or negative making the blood group eight(8) in a nut shell.

All these blood groups have certain traits that speak volumes when it comes to relationships. It is good to know these when entering into relationships. If you are already in a relationship, it’s also good to know in order to know how to deal with issues as and when they come.

Here are how compatible the various blood groups are;

Couples with A and A blood groups

Couples who both have blood group A are known to be affectionate and considerate. They normally annoy each other due to their strong personalities but since they both like open communication, they could still live in harmony.

Couples with A and O blood groups

These group of couples are classified as opposite due to the fact that people with blood group A are known to be more sensitive. Due to these differences, they mostly cause tensions in relationships even though they compliment each other.

Couples with A and B blood groups

The couples with these type of blood groups are usually engaged in conflicts and their relationships can be really unstable. Relationships involving these two groups may easily end in break ups but some couples may sit down and talk in order to solve issues

Couples with A and AB blood groups

The relationships of these groups may face certain hurdles even though the relationships could be smooth, fun and bright.

Couples with O and O blood groups

People with this type of blood group are straight forward and honest in relationships. This mostly result in both partners living in harmony or in conflict. They perfectly understand each other and can be lovely couples with so much love. 

Couples with O and B blood groups

Relationships which have couples with O and B blood groups are classified as the perfect match. People with blood group O are very patient and they completely blend with people who have blood group B who are adventurous and free loving. This create a strong bond and union between the two.

Couples with O and AB blood groups

People with blood groups O and AB in relationships mostly experience hard times in terms of trying to know and understand each other. However, with time, the two can gel well to become best friends as well as loyal partners. 

Couples with B and B blood groups

Couples who both have blood group B are known to be soulmates. These people can connect quickly and they have strong and perfect bonds.

Couples with B and AB blood groups

Relationships of couples with B and AB blood groups are usually private and independent. These people respect each other in the relationship and do not intervene in the affairs of each other. It is one of the most healthiest relationships you could ever find.

Couples with both AB and AB blood groups

This relationship is mostly envied. It is made of passion, love, trust and understanding due the power both groups hold. They inspire each other and be each other’s cheerleader.

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