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Divorce Affair

Widow Disgraced In Public By In-Laws, Accused Of Sleeping With Man Leading To Her Husband's Death

Widow Disgraced In Public By In-Laws, Accused Of Sleeping With Man Leading To Her Husband's Death 

Barely 2 years into the union Abah has died and his family has waged war on Blessing. Abah's family has accused Blessing of having an extramarital affair which led to her husband's death.

Infidelity is one of the worst things that can happen in your marriage. It is one of the main reasons that couples seek divorce. It destroys the foundation on which a marriage is built and can cause severe damage to the relationship.

 One of the big reasons why relationships struggle after the discovery that a spouse has been unfaithful is because it breeds a devastating amount of distrust and trust is sacred in all marriages. It also causes an incredible amount of grief, not only to the person who finds out their partner has been cheating, but also to the cheating party.

 Some cultures think that if a couple takes part in external marriage, their husbands are murdered by gods in their world.

Brave luck. Abah was married to Akoh Abah on 31 October 2020. Your unique 'marriage cake' was loved by family and friends

Their wedding cake wasn't the typical wedding cake but it's like a cake known as Ikpakpa Akpa by the Igalans. The "cake" influenced Abah's mother, a well-known seller of Ikpakpa-area. akpa's

Despite her husband's sorrow, Blessing now a widow is publicly disgraced by her lawyers who are said to have driven her out of Ogugu Olamoboro Kogi's marriage house.

Oh, it was pleasing to see my God's blessing in her eyes with tears those who claimed that her family members were abussing and charging her verbally. I swear I know nothing, trust me, about her gone. Posted in the video Cutie Julls

The men around Okada told her that she could not deny the demands or risk the local boys assaulting her. You could see the pain of the gift.

She confessed she slept with three men only after their marriage. According to her, one of the three men was her boss while the two other guys are her friends but she did not kill her husband.

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