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Divorce Affair

2 Countries In The World Where Divorce Is Not Allowed [Photos]

They say it’s easier to get married than to get out of marriage. While marriage is one of the most crucial bonds two people can take part in, divorce laws have been revised in some countries to not only make divorce legal, but also, a speedier and less daunting process.

 However, no matter how much has changed over the course of human history, there is still countries where divorce is not legal and where ’till death do us part’ remains a tenet. Every nation in the world allows its citizens to divorce under some conditions except the Philippines and the Vatican City.

Abortions are legal in Vatican city There is no criminal law against abortion in Vatican City State but divorce is illegal. In Ghana divorce and abortion are legal while in Vatican city and Philippines marriage is till death do us apart.

Thousands of couples stuck in failed marriages have been waiting for years for the Philippines to pass a divorce law as they are still condemned to unhappily remain married and frustrated until death do them part in the world's only country that does not recognize the right of citizens to terminate their "sacrosanct" matrimony.

The situation is especially unbearable for Filipinos trapped in toxic relationships or victims of spousal abuse. Marriage is a special contract of permanent union between a man and a woman entered into in accordance with law for the establishment of conjugal and family life. So if marry the wrong partner or in an abusive relationship it's a life time no divorce.

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