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Benefits of Relationships

Friendships, families, and romantic relationships are important to our well-being, and the quality of these relationships has a significant effect on our health. Our relationships can protect us from the consequences of long-term health problems, help recovery, and even keep us from becoming sick in the first place, according to research.People with stable relationships have a 50% higher chance of surviving a life-threatening illness than those with poorer ones. Our relationships are just as, if not more, essential to our wellbeing than our diet or whether or not we smoke.

Bad quality relationships, on the other hand, may be a risk factor, raising our chances of developing a long-term health problem and decreasing our chances of recovery. Relationships must be stable and resilient in order to both discourage us from becoming sick in the first place and, if we do, to shield us from degradation and encourage recovery, since it is the nature of the relationship that matters.

As a result, focusing policy and practice on couple, families, and social relationships, especially for people with long-term conditions, can help to improve recovery rates and reduce the costs of responding to long-term conditions. Putting relationships at the core of healthcare strategies can lead to a more reliable and productive health system in the long run.

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