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Husband and wife relationship

Read Story Of Daughter Who Was Married By Father As Second Wife

Sylvia was born into a poor family. He was saved in the Catholic Church and his father was angry with him. He kicked him and his older sister out of the house.

After the eviction, they found a new home. They were adopted by a very nice family who treated them like their own children. They pay their tuition fees and pay for everything they need. In this new family, they have a stepmother and a father.

At the age of 22, Sylvia's father decided that he wanted her in a romantic way. He told Sylvia that "she should milk which cow she feeds."

The father tries to have a romantic relationship while Sylvia is very against it, but after 5 years he gives up. Unbeknownst to her mother, she became his father's second wife.

She was placed in a separate house and her mother found out about her relationship with her father. The mother was very sad because she had treated Sylvia and her sister so well since they came to her house.

The father is very rich, he promised to give his house and car, and Sylvia will feel all his lies.

She gave birth to the first child and the second child appeared immediately.

As the children got older, their marriage became difficult. He began to wonder why he couldn't even invite friends to his son's birthday party. He never goes on a date or on a picnic. During these 7 years of marriage, she stayed at home. Her husband had warned her not to go out. He was very influential and didn't want Sylvia to go out and be seen. Her marriage was hidden from her entire family and family.

The husband came to see her and could only spend two hours before returning home. He always uses the phrase "his family always comes first".

A few years later, she decides to leave the marriage and seek a life without her father. Tired of lying, he gave up on his promise to be rich. After suffering seven years, he left the marriage. She went to see her sister and met another husband 6 months later. She is happily married to another man. She called him prince charming.

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Catholic Sylvia


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