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What To Do When She Asks For Space: 4 Tips To Lure Her Back Fast

My girlfriend asked me for time , what does this mean? Let's fully understand what it means when a woman says she needs time. This is something that is very common. Here you will get a breakdown of what it all means and we will look at the different situations you may have faced that got you here, and how to turn things around. Women love to say they need space when things aren't going well, and sometimes this gives you a chance to shift your focus so that you can finally get what you want out of the relationship.

Many times, when a woman is asking for time or is asking for a break it is because maybe she fell out of love with you, you have become too attached and you have not disciplined yourself enough to have a life outside of your relationship, you made a mistake in the relationship, or maybe she doesn't really love herself.

So you may have heard, "Oh, I need time because I need to work on myself," "I need space because I need to work on myself, " or "You need to work on you, I need to work on myself." We need time!". 90% of the time, you beg and beg when a woman says that, and you say "No, no, no, we can do this together, don't do this, are you breaking up with me?" And then he says, "No, let's just take a break, we have to take time to separate." Or maybe he just said "We're done!"

Here's what you don't know and most men don't. You can be in full control! You can get it back, but you have to do the exact opposite of what you are programmed to do. And what I mean by "programmed to do" is that we react emotionally. So the first instinct is to react, and our reactions always try to convince that person that they are making a bad decision. When it comes to relationships, it's about human behavior and emotional intelligence. When we are in a relationship, we love that person, but we tend to forget that we are our own persons and even though it is a partnership, you are only in control of yourself. That is why self love, dignity, and self-esteem are the most powerful sources you have within you.

When you have these things, you can balance yourself for a healthy relationship. Maybe your relationship had some flaws and you both need to work on yourselves. And believe me, it's actually a great thing , but your way of thinking predicts your reality. You will find some tips on how to overcome the "I need time" factor. What I want to emphasize, guys, is that you don't try to control her. She is her own individual, just as you are your own individual. You can't convince someone to be with you unless they decide they want to be with you.

Look at this with compassion and not from the ego's point of view. You can go through anger, you can go through doubt, you can go through worry, you can go through sadness, or you can even go through all of the above . And you're sad because you feel like you've probably lost the love of your life, you feel like your whole world has fallen apart and you're thinking, “How could he do this to me? I trusted her. Yes, you trusted her. But nobody did anything to you. And this brings us to Tip # 1!

1. Start seeing this as if it happened for you rather than for you.

I know it sounds awful, and it sounds really hard to understand right now if this is what you're going through, but no one does anything to you on purpose. Once again, you are your own individual.Each individual must take care of himself. So the way you move forward in this relationship and get this woman back is to understand that first. Have compassion on her and strive to find your own happiness by prioritizing personal growth. This is what will pique your interest and curiosity. When you stop playing the victim role and stop this mindset, you bring in a lot of control and masculine energy that attracts women.

2. If you need space, don't contact her!

This is what I mean. Many times you trust this person, but individuality is very important. When someone needs space, give them their space, because this is the time to challenge your attachments. If a woman says she needs space, give her that space. Don't call her, don't text her. If a woman abandons you over the fact that you're not showing off and chasing after her after she said she needed time or needed space, guess what guys? She is not the woman for you. A worthy and self-worthy woman who really wants this relationship to work will not go out looking for another man. She will get involved in herself because the future goal is to try to be with you .

Now, I'm not saying you don't go exploring and having fun with your friends. Who knows, but the point here is that you need to show him the kind of man you've become and will continue to be, so that he can see that he's missing something. You want me to see that you own your own individuality, which comes from trust , and that is very important in relationships.

3. Understand what your limits are:

When you are clear about your limits, you will better understand how to communicate and how to react differently if these limits are put to the test. Healthy relationships are formed when you have a clear idea of ​​your values ​​and limits because you don't want to upset your partner.Your partner will know that his partner will not tolerate behavior that crosses any line, because that is what the limits are for. That is why it is so important to have these values; have these limits in relationships.

It's not a game. It is your own individual idea of ​​what you need in the relationship. For both of you to agree, both of you can have that happiness and healthy and prosperous life, grow together, make this world a better place, or achieve the goals that you may have together.What I mean here is that you have to give it its space and regain your sense of control. So don't text her, don't call her, don't try to convince her.

4. Regain control:

This is difficult because during the period of no contact you go through a lot of emotions. But you must have your sense of control. She will communicate with you again, because your habits will change. She's used to you keep approaching her, calling her out, pleading with her, and making her your first priority. When he sees a change in you, it will pique his curiosity. So you create an imbalance that creates something different and it's like an electroshock. She begins to wonder, creates a mystery, begins to be intrigued, wants to know.

You will catch their attention by the fact that you have had this bond for so long, but now all of a sudden you are changing your techniques, you are changing your notions, you are changing completely. Normally he would approach the situation. It's the complete opposite of what she knew. Suddenly, the predictability is gone, however, this is the most challenging part, especially when you are in love, because it takes time. Not all women will get close during the first, second, third, or fourth week. Once he realizes that you have created an imbalance, it will reappear because he wants to know why you are acting differently. He may just text you or call you and say, "Hey, you look different!" Or he'll say, "Hey, how are you?" Create mystery.

That is when you will show them positivity. When you show her, “I'm great! How are you?" Or "I'm fine," responds with closed responses most of the time.

At the end of the day, if you are really doing the work to heal whatever it is you need to heal in that relationship that created the need for space or a break, it is because you need to focus on yourself, your individuality. She is going to see a drastic change in this where control begins to return to you, because she is convinced that you are changing and she is changing. And at the end of the day, even if she is not changing and she sees that you are changing, she will motivate her to change if she really wants to be with you.

Then you will see how you regain the feeling of pride and control throughout this phase. But this is the most important part! You must be able to challenge yourself and not give in. A woman will try everything in the world to get your attention back during this phase. It is up to you not to give in, to remain with your sense of control, to keep responses closed, and to focus on yourself and what makes you happy.

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