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"Unlock Her Legs" - 4 Ways To Attract A Woman By Playing Hard To Get

Playing hard to get is a thing of girls but you can absolutely turn the tables around by been the one to be chased. Many guys think that those who are been followed by women all the time have some "white magic" under their sleeves. That is totally wrong. I've felt like that until I studied how to attract women by playing hard to get and now a "DON" in seducing women.

It is very interesting that playing hard to get can land you more date than you can ever imagine. You can be that handsome guy who is the topic of conversation among all ladies. It is possible if only you change your mindset about having women and you would never be disappointed. Let's dig deeper into how to "Unlock Her Legs" by playing hard to get.

1. Draw A Plan

I guess you would be thinking what playing hard to get got to do with drawing a plan. You can't successfully attract and make a woman chase without any laid down plans. The key idea of formulating this plan is to make your dream of having women a huge breakthrough. There should be a simple chart of how you are going to communicate, approach or even respond to the women you want them to chase you. This is only done when you want a long term relationship and not for a "one night game"

2. Make Her Chase

That is the sole idea of this platform. I want women to chase you and not instead the other way round. Women are a cunning nature and no matter how rude or disrespectful a woman is, you can definitely attract and make her chase you. Why do I say that because she is also a human being and has blood passing through her as you too.

3. Be Stylish

Women are soo much attracted to guys who have an attractive style of dressing or even do something. Been stylish does not only depends on how you dress but also how you can successfully communicate with women to prove your worth. Also, your sense of fashion must taken very serious. Your main goal is to attract your ideal woman, so dress as one.

4. Make Her Call You

Dint appear to be needy after a friendly conversation with the woman you want to attract. The best and perfect way to make her call you is to give your number to her anytime she is free. She might be playing hard to get by waiting for days but don't let that pull you down. Focus on the goal and be patient as you watch things unfold.

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