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Ladies week: Are Fatima and Ruth's luck going to shine after their colleague Bella left? [DATE RUSH]

For sometime now, the previous episodes were guys as they line up every week to look for a date. Most of them have suffered a lot of heartbreaks for so many times and have been trolled on social media in several occasions. Desmond for instance struggled a lot before finally settling on a date. You can't leave Rockson out for encountering over seven rejections on the show.

Now, the ladies are also ready to mingle this week. The name Fatima and Ruth is not something new because they were part in season 4 and came back again to search for love regardless of the several heartbreaks. Bella who was also part of them came back but fortunately for her, she was able to get her dream man.

The day has finally come and we expect some great and positive things to happen for them. Because of their diligence and zeal to get a date despite what they have gone through, most of their fans can't wait to see them grabbing one. All fingers are kept crossed to see what will unveil in the subsequent weeks.

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