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3 Things men want in a relationship

There are things men want in a relationship. Men are humans, and there are qualities they want in a woman. Men want a woman who will recognize and encourage them for their accomplishment.

1. Attention.

Just as women love it when their men give them attention. Men also like it when their women give them attention. Every man wants to be with a woman who pays attention to him. You can't make your relationship perfect if you're always busy all the time. You have enough time to pay attention to your partner. But when you always pay attention to this, it makes him feel loved and special.

2. Contributing to positive ideas.

Men are naturally attracted to women who think positively. Every man wants to be with a woman who thinks positively. A woman who has a good idea. A woman who they can come to for advice and get the best. A woman who doesn't only know how to spend money but also how to make money. A woman with business ideas. A supportive woman.

3. Understanding.

Every man wants to be with a woman who understands him perfectly. A woman who takes note of things she likes and dislikes. A woman who understands and respects you.

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