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5 Honest Ways to Respond When a Guy Says He Likes You & Not Hurt Him.

Humans like to have their egos stroked. When someone tells you that they like you and admire you, it’s a huge ego boost, for sure. The thing is, if a guy tells you they like you, you must understand how hard that might have been for them. With that in mind, you need to know how to best respond when a guy says he likes you.

1. Do not put him down or laugh in his face

When you hear something that takes you by surprise, especially something deeply flattering, it’s easy for your reaction to just come out without any control.

You might laugh because you’re embarrassed, but try and rein this in. Can you imagine how mortified he might be? Learning how to respond when a guy says he likes you does not involve laughing or raising eyebrows!

2. Understand that it might have been hard for him to admit

Let’s assume this is a decent kind of guy, the type who doesn’t go around telling everyone that he likes them. It might have taken a huge effort for him to admit this to you, and he might be secretly terrified that you’re going to respond in the wrong way.

So, whatever your final decision on what to do about this little revelation, first understand that perhaps admitting this to you might have been a pretty personal thing for him. 

3. Don’t respond straight away

Ask yourself how you feel about this and give yourself the time to examine it. It might have taken you by surprise, and even if it didn’t, be sure about what you’re going to do. You do not have to give him an answer right at that moment, so take the time to think if you need.

You can say something like “aww, that’s nice. I think you’re great too.” As condescending as that sounds, in this situation, when you’re in the moment with a guy who’s telling you that, your body language will take the condescending edge off it and help him to understand what you mean. 

4. Take your time to respond to his texts

When someone likes a person, they are eager to communicate with them. Because of this, they always respond to their texts promptly.

So, if you don’t want to give him the impression that you like him back, then take your time to respond to his texts. Eventually, he will notice and get the hint

5. Talk about other guys

Now, you don’t have to be too obvious and make him feel inadequate. You don’t want to point out hot guys and tell him how much you want to do them.

Instead, you can talk about how much you love John’s sense of humor or how Jim is just so smart. When he sees that you are admiring other guys, he might notice that you’re not completely 

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