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Three Signs That Prove That She Is Bringing A Bill To You

Hi there. Good day lovely reader. Thank you for clicking on this article and welcome back. This is not meant to speak against or advertise anything of the sort but to update you.

Many people fear to be in any form of relation with their opposite sex. This is because some people say that they fear rejection or heart breaks from their partners. Truth is, sometimes their actions are justifiable when they use past experiences or experiences of their friends, loved ones or family members. This is one thing that they use always to say that they will not fall for anyone or be in a relationship with other people. They prefer to be alone in their rooms or go out to restaurants alone.

Sometimes, some people say that they are scared to be in relationships with ladies because they will end up squandering all of their money. This is not unfair because all ladies are not the same. Nonetheless, there is no one who will never ask a partner for money.

Take a look at some three things that will show you that a lady is about to "throw you a bill"

1 . Hmmmm…

Once your lady texts with Hmmmm..., sometimes she needs some financial help. Some ladies lie about that and use it as a means to get money.

2 . When Your House Name Is Mentioned First

Sometimes when your lady calls you by your house name like "Kojo or Kwame", she may be in need of help financially. You may decide to give or not to give depending on what you have.

3. Fighting Without A Cause

Some ladies tend to create unusual fights and pretend as if they are bored with you so you will ask for a chance to compensate them so they become happy. This is also a sign that they need money or financial help.

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