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How to make a girl fall in love with you: strategic plan

It is sad that many men have dated women, and everyday these men are trying to please the women. This is because most men don't understand the Psychology of Love. Let's learn more.

1. Learn how to sing

Women love music, especially songs about love. Train your voice, learn the lyrics of popular songs depending on the taste of the woman. If your woman loves Afro beat, learn along that line. If she loves R n B, try it there.

If you know you have a good voice, then you have a competitive advantage here. Learn more, train yourself into some kind of a vocalist. Use popular songs to confirm your abilities. If you want to be on the girl's mind, be a musician.

If you can't sing, probably because you don't have the voice, don't panic. Learn to be a dj. Learn how to arrange songs that can literally get her singing along. There are several apps that can help you do the music mixing. If you're successful, you'll soon become her dj.

Recommend to her songs you think she will like. Keep on doing this till you kind of learn her preferences with regards to music. The more you master the art, the more relevant you become in terms of her love for music.

2. Learn to be humorous

Learn how to crack jokes. Learn how to skillfully retell jokes in a way that makes them interesting. If a girl sat by your side for thirty minutes and you are unable to make her laugh or smile, then you're on the losing side.

Women are always looking for things that will reduce their stress. They usually lean towards relaxation. Comedy is something women love. If you can share jokes, it is easy for a woman to fall in love with you.

Learn from renowned comedians such as O. B. Amponsah. You can learn all their gestures or alter it with your own. Keep rehearsing. Comedy is an art. For any art, performance leads to perfection.

3. Learn fashion sense

It is often said women are greatly influenced by what they hear. True. Another truth: women are very much also influenced by what they see.

Be simple, but elegant. Learn how to use your clothes to stand out from the crowd. Learn how to combine bright colors with darker ones. Read the occasion. Learn when to wear African print and when to go casual. Your fashion sense talks a lot. Don't ignore the language.

If you can craftily combine these strategies, you will be surprised at the results you'll get. Thank you.

Content created and supplied by: Baffour Awuah (via Opera News )

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