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How Long Does It Take To Love Your Partner?

Possibilities of time and love in an arranged marriage

Whether you have been married for a short or long time, love enters your life at the most unexpected time. For some, it takes a week and for some others, it takes months to get close to each other. After all, getting married to someone you hardly know is intimidating. Some couples are quite considerate of their time and prefer to consummate their marriage the day they realise that they both have fallen in love. And some others don’t waste time to get intimate with each other, as a way of speeding up the feelings in a relationship. When two people bound by marriage, aren’t very sure of their feelings for each other, they will try all sorts of other means to fill that gap-by indulging in lovable actions or by giving birth to a child. Being unsure of their intentions and feelings isn’t uncommon, but quite rational.

When a child enters a couple’s lives, it is filled with love, cheer and protection. The couple’s love for each other intensifies because the bond of a complete family influences their marital relationship. And so, in these matters, it takes a year or two to completely fall in love; that is when a child enters the picture. Couples who respectfully want to love each other before they bring another being into this world, usually fall in love within a few months or by the end of the first year, that is if both the partners are very romantic and intimate with each other. One’s actions define their feelings and if the partners are able to slowly showcase their love for each other, then it shouldn’t take very long to fall in love with each other.

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