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Massive Stir: Check Out The Beautiful Lady Who Got Married to a Dog

The world we live in is changing at such a rapid pace that it is becoming increasingly difficult to fathom how things are happening.

People follow their culture, race, and tradition, yet they also do strange things that go against religious beliefs.

Others who do not share the same culture as you may find the culture of others weird.

Distinct countries and cultures have different ways of marrying, and the lady in question has just done the unthinkable.

Mangli Munda is the lady in question, and she is a pretty young girl from Eastern India who, due to their weird cultural traditions, married a dog named Sheru.

The community's spiritual elders informed her that an evil spirit had entered her body and that she needed to perform the rite in order to be free of it.

It is believed that if she marries a man without performing the process, her spouse will be cursed and die.

The wedding of Mangli and the Dog was attended by elders and well-wishers from the neighborhood. After being driven in a wedding car, the Dog was given a special treat.

Mangli's parents believed that executing the cleansing process would rid her of all the ill luck and evil spirits that had been following her about, and it was her father who bought her the dog to marry.

According to the elders of the village, this is a common rite held for young females before they are permitted to marry any man of their choosing.

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