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How I found out she is my rib

Dating has become common and rampant in youths. All that they say, is to get a good wife and husband in future.

The question is, what is the life you are living?

I started dating at an early age and all that I thought of was having sex only. Because my idea of dating was sex I never believed all ladies I dated. The longest date ever took a year of three. I pretended to love them meanwhile, I knew the only thing I needed was sex.

Anytime they ask if I would love them forever, I would pretend and tell them to trust me. How? Dating more than one lady at a ago, I thought I was the freshest man in town and that I needed to ruin the ladies.

Because I had a bad intention to only release my sperms and feel free, I easily fall in love with any lady I see.

I could clearly see that all those I dated and left broken-hearted kept crying to have me back. But how heartless I was, I never thought of the bad consequences that will come out of it.

I left the only lady I was dating. She kept calling me, crying on phone. She said, if even she has done something wrong against me, I should forgive her. I paid a deaf ear to that. She supported me throughout my Tertiary education which my parents never did.

How wicked I was, I calculated all the money she invested in me and returned it to her without exceeding the amount she invested.

In less than a month I met a different lady and dating started. I slept with her 8 times in 8 consecutive days in just 2 months. She became frustrating. I go angry anytime I see her because I have had enough of what I needed and broke up with her.

Unfortunately, I got her pregnant and that shuttered the fake live I was leaving. Before the message about her pregnancy, I was on phone with another lady discussing of which hotel to meet just for sex.

The girl I impregnated was an SHS 2 student in one of the Senior High Schools. I even denied for about two weeks before accepting the pregnancy. She attempted to do abortion because I told her I will never marry her should she give birth.

Could you believe I felt a pain in my right hands after she successfully did the abortion?

I regretted living such life and vowed to live a clean life till I marry.

I became vigilant and wanted to fulfill the promise. I registered and baptized in the church. God being soo good I kept my faith though I had exposure to many ladies on set.(Moving shooting). It led me to good reputation. All the ladies after the movie called my director speaking about my calmness and how responsible I will be.

With the ladies I dated, I realized that, the lady I dated for about three years was my rib but it became late when I tried to beg her back for her love. She has now had a good love and feels happy always.

Thank you for reading the true life story. Don't just read only share to change friends from bad actions. I would like you to follow me for more updates.

Should you treat her well, she will be yours forever.

Content created and supplied by: Bohyɛbayaw (via Opera News )


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