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"He needs marriage before the year end, so I welcomed him over to my shop and this happened".

"He needs marriage before the year end, so I welcomed him over to my shop and this occurred". 

Looking or believing that for who to marry in this period and time isn't anyway straightforward as it would have been during the hours of our fathers as adolescents who are searching for the right one are made to encounter unpleasant experiences. For the present circumstance, ladies would be constrained to kiss such innumerable revolting frogs before they finally meet their knight in white shining defensive layer. 

Like the amusing experience of this Nigeria woman by the name Oluwafiolakemi who described through her Twitter handle @flickybaby01 how a person who was keen on wedding her before the year's end acted in an ungentlemanly way in her shop . 

As per the fellow, when the person went to her shop she obliged to offer him table water he dismissed it rather requested a caffeinated drink. He mentioned the water again she gave him sachet water. 

The bold person went on to request bite gum, the savvy woman overlooked Orbit the costly one he would have liked, and rather offer him Center Fresh the modest one. 

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As though he has not made a bonehead of himself enough he went on to request broadcast appointment promising the woman he would move the cash to her which she cunningly declined. 

As though to close his peculiar conduct before the woman he was charming, he went on to take the Orbit biting gum he has been peering toward without requesting the proprietor from the shop.

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