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Husband and wife relationship

Check out if she has these qualities before getting married to her

Marriage is long way. It full of happiness and sorrow. Before a guy would get married, he should check if his partner has these qualities to avoid more troubles in the relationship.

1. A devoted Christian-

Guys should get married to someone who takes God serious and prayerful. A God fearing woman studies and use the knowledge she derive from the bible to manage her home. She able to stand for the family in spiritual welfare.

2. A submissive lady

Some marriage do not go on well because some wives do not respect the views of their husbands. They are proud of themselves and do not take orders from their husbands. Guys should get married to someone who is patience and tolerance . Who will respect them no matter situation in the house.

3. A trustworthy person.

Marriage is full secret. For a marriage to last long , everything disclose between them partner must not get to others.The wife must not tell everything that happens between them to friends and family. She must keep secret of her husband very well. Guys should check out if their partners can keep their secret and not disclose them to other people.

4.A hardworking lady

Before getting married, guys should check if their partners are not lazy. If they can do all the house chores and take care of their children. Some ladies are hardworking and don not like to sit idle. After taking care of the house and the children. They would still like to do some business that will help them get some income to support the family. This should be the type woman a guy should get married to.

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