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Keeping Real Love Alive

Do you feel like you're drowning in the sea of heartbreak? Are you about to give up on love? Stop! People say "love hurts", it's the absence of love that does. Stay strong, your joy is coming. Step out and let go of the false love, which is pulling you down. Don't give up on real love. But what is REAL LOVE?

1. SACRIFICE. Love is not about what you can get, but rather what you can give. If we are always talking from a relationship, how can expect it not to be left empty and soon die? When we make a sacrifice, we give up something that we like for something we love. In other words, Selfless sacrifice can only be a product of real love.

Sacrifice with a joyful heart. Don't keep count and don't expect anything in return, this is unconditionally love.

You will never have to chase someone that wants to be with you. A person that loves will choose sacrifice over excuses. It is not hard for a heart that loves, it is only hard in the absence of love. But remember sacrifices must go both ways, your partner is not a slave not under your control. If you feel like you are forever chasing someone and feel like giving up, do not give up on real love, let go of false love. Love does not hurt, the absence of love hurts, rejection hurts.

2. UNITY. Although you are bound to disagree at times in relationships, love will keep you united. It is easy to be a team when things are going well, when everyone is in agreement. However, we must recognize that even when we are in the depths of an argument, we are still on the same team, the side has not changed. Remember not to equip yourself for battle with the intent of winning when the next disagreement arises. Rather, calm your emotions clear your head to enable you to map out the best way to diminish the disagreement and restore the relationship. When one person loses in a relationship the whole team loses. Love is not a battlefield.

Being united in love brings trust and security. There's no place for closed doors, passwords, and locked phones in healthy relationships. Everything should be out in open, not because you feel compelled or forced to do so, but so you can be with the person you love, leaving no room for misunderstandings or doubt.

3. CONSTANT DECISION. Sometimes everything that falls gets broken, but the world says we get a feeling and then we fall in love. If we fall into a love so easily what stops us from falling out of love? Feelings come, and feelings go. Love is a decision. We must choose to act in love each day. Real love doesn't fade with the " honeymoon stage," it is an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person. What actions are you going to take today to love? Always remember REAL LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL

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