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"I slept with my cousin" - man confesses.

Incest is sexual intimacy that is done by people related by blood or those that have the same lineage. Incest is one of the abnormal act that our society frown upon.

In today's world where everyone has the freedom to do whatever they wish is good for them, societal abnormalities have become normal in this new age. The new crop of human species have gone bayond all odds to change the status co of the society.

societal prescribed way of life is a thing of the past now. People how have the right to choose whether they want to be a male or female, whether they will marry same sex or opposite.

Judged by his conscience, a man seek for advice after having sexual intercourse with his cousin. He tweeted saying "charlie I just had sex with my cousin"

Some of the users condemn the act and asked him to pray for forgiveness.

A user also confessed that he did same last year.

Other users also congratulated him and asked for the sex position the cousin gave him. They wanted to know whether the style was doggy style or what.

some users also think it was just for social media trend and the act he says never happened.

My opinion

Is incest really that bad ?

There are a lot of society in Ghana that practice incest.

The akan society of ghana has a type of marriage where a sister of a deceased person is asked to inherit the marriage role of the late relative. At the end,the husband end up sleeping with two sisters. The Ewe of Ghana also allow relatives to marry.

I think it become sin when the relatives are not legally bond.

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