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The best apology letter ever to a lover. (Opinion)

A personal letter of apology, or apology letter should be short, concise and sincere. If you are going to write one at all, make sure it is heartfelt, or there is really no point. Sending someone a sincere letter of apology can have significant impact and can go a long way towards patching up interpersonal differences between people.

This is a sample apology letter from a lady to her man who she was in a relationship with.

Please regard this as a letter of apology for the recent problems that I caused you by moving your belongings in the parking garage without your permission.

Believe me, I had no intention of causing you any problems. Over the long weekend I decided to rearrange my space in the garage and install some new shelving on the front wall opposite my parking space.

While I was at it I thought I would be good.

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