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I Can't Date A Man Who Is My Age Mate- Young Lady Reveals!

Anita sells bags, clothes and children toys with her sister in town. She is a senior high graduate and hopes to attend Nursing training College in the near future.

She was quizzed on a number of topics including why young girls today prefer to slay men for money instead of finding a job to do to fend for themselves.

"It is their choice but I wouldn't want to follow an older man or someone else's husband because I don't want anyone to do it to me in future" she replied.

She was also asked if she will want to date a man the same age as hers. The answer she gave will make you laugh.

"I can't date a guy my age because I won't respect him and he won't be able to control me" she said.

According Anita knowing that her man is the same age as she is won't allow her to respect him but respect will flow naturally if she knows her man is older than her.

So she was asked what her ideal age of her dream man is, she said at least her dream man should be two or three years older than her.

She was asked if she can also date a man she is older than or a man who is ten years older than she is.

She said she won't be able to date anyone of them because a man she is older than will be like his younger brother and a man who is ten years older will also be like a father to her.

My take on this issue is that ten years should be the ideal age difference between a man and a woman who want to date and marry.

The reason is that like Anita said, it allows the woman to accord the necessary respect t and also women grow or age faster than men and a woman who is just two or three years younger than the man in the next twenty years will look like a mother to the man and if care is not taken infidelity will set in.

Anyway, that's my opinion. Your opinion and comment are also welcome.



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