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Husband and wife relationship

Man Reveals – My wife denies me of sex but want us to have children

I have been married to my wife for 3 years without a child nut I am not much surprised about it. what I am surprised about my wife's attitude towards the fact that we don’t have a child.

Two days ago she called me impotent and I warned her that, “the next time she calls me names, I will walk out of this mess called marriage.”

During our dating, this lady was very strict when it comes to sex. She was the one making the rules whilst I follow. “this month no sex, I don’t want you to be enjoying it every day because we are not married yet.” I won't fight her about it and she will go ahead and do exactly what she said. Another time she will be like “I called you several times and you didn’t answer. No sex for 2 weeks.

I never allowed these things to bother me. She was a good person. It would have been just wrong to conclude she wasn’t a wife material because I thought after marriage everything was going to be fine. We dated for 3 years before finally getting married.

After marriage, I thought things were going to change but she didn’t stop throwing those her rule on me.

Every new day comes with different rules and regulations that had to do with sex. We are married but only have sex when she wants to and since she doesn’t want sex often, we can go from weeks to months and the annoying part is that she doesn’t want any other position apart from missionary so when her goodness come and she finally opens the way for me, she will tell me “just get on it and leave me alone, don’t kiss me nor touch my breast.”

The nagging will continue throughout the action, sometimes I just get off her without even cumming another to have my peace of mind. It's been like this for the past 3 years since we got married and I am not complaining.

Recently, she brought the topic of childbirth and I told her point-blank that “ Do you know the number of times people have sex before they conceive? You are here with your rules and regulations and yet want a child, how will this be possible?” then she said, Eva got married like 3 months ago and she is already pregnant, we have been doing it for 3 years now and nothing seems to happen. Go and look for medicine before I give up on you.”

I Have reported her to her parents twice, even the last thing her own father asked me was. "should I come and supervise you people having sex." because he was very angry at what his daughter is doing.

At this point will I be right to take a drastic decision by packing her out so that when they come begging then I will let her sign a bond of good behavior?

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