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Dating Romantic

Some love letters your partner needs from you.

My love for you can't be defined in words. I love you for what you are. I love you for your clear heart. I love you for all the things that you do. You know it is true, you know for sure.

Now, I can't really live without you. Baby! You play the most important role in my life. Just want to say, that I truly love you will love you till the end of time. Blessed to have you in my life.Feelings can't be expressed easily, but words have the power of expression. I want to write to you about my feelings. Where should I start from I don't know. Since the time you came in my life, my world completely changed. I felt like I am not the same again, was always lost in your thoughts. I think that's the magic of your love. Your love is so pure and true, that it occupies my thought. I may not be with you the whole day, but you are with me in my heart. Baby I swear that I love you more than yesterday. Baby its true, I really love you.

I will describe my personality as very honest, easy going, open-minded, friendly, kind, romantic, responsible and simple. I enjoy making love a lot (kissing and cuddlin

I am simply looking for the love of my life, someone to make my heart skip a beat and shake my whole being. A fairy tale that lasts a lifetime. I am not into any sort of games at all. I want someone to adore and cherish...

One important thing is being sensitive to the needs of the other person yet being also able to know how to disagree in the right way. If nothing else, agree to disagree, take it up later.And never go to bed angry! Respect, mercy, kindness, understanding things that come easy when you are in love and love the other person.Do you believe in love at first sight?


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