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Meet the lady with the worst physical conditions and yet found true love.

Can you love someone unconditionally, can you love and still marry someone in their worse physical form? These questions can only be truly answered when you actually face them, not in questions, but rather as in real life and that will show how deep you mean when you say you love someone. But meet Carmen a 29-year-old Brazilian who has one of the worse physical condition any human could have and yet found a true love.  

Carmen is a 29 year-old-Brazilian girl who suffers from a genetic disorder called xeroderma pigmentosum. Anyone who have this condition should not be exposed to sun or UV lights. If they are exposed in the sun UV light even for a few minutes it will cause them severe sunburn and freckles. While experiencing these impossible restrictions in her life, Carmen also has lost one lip, her left ear, her nose is also partly lost due to a cancer of the nose. And she also has a blind eye. Doctors tried their best to rebuild it through surgery, but it was unsuccessful.

Throughout all these, Carmen has undergone about 120 repair surgeries. These conditions made it impossible for her to go to school, and she only learned at home. Getting a job is another thing for her. But all these limitations and suffering in her life did not prevent Edmilson to love and share Carmen’s life.

Her story became known when she launched a fundraising for help to support her dream wedding with her fiancé, and also to renovate her house. And people reacted with kindness and money to support their wedding and the wedding took place on July 31, 2020. She now also has a nice house. Since then, she has been sharing her daily life with her husband on Instagram with about 247k followers.

So, loving someone beyond physical appearance is the best love and the best proof of love ever.

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Brazilian Carmen


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