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These Words Are Used By Only Ghanaians And No One Else. Check Them Out Especially Number 5

These Words Are Used By Only Ghanaians And No One Else. Check Them Out Especially Number 5

Ghana is a very unique country. Even though there are many countries with greater worths and beautiful places, my country is one of a kind. We speak unique languages like Dagbani of the Dagombas, Twi by the Akans, Ewe by the voltarians and so many more.

Like I said we are unique. This is so because of many factors. One of such factors is our creativity. Ghanaians have the great gift of being creative and forming or making stuff up both in speech and physically. But we are more notable for our creativity in speaking. In this article we will talk about the words only Ghanaiains and what they mean. Without for ado, let's begin..

1. Charley

This word means friend. It is mostly used by the youth in addressing friends enthusiastically.

2. Body Body

When you hear someone calling another person 'Body Body', it means close or best friend. It is a Ghanaiain word for the original word, Buddy.

3. Cambuu

Lovely word for a simple object. Cambuu means Sneakers or boots. Ghanaians are really creative.

4. Borga

When you hear the word Borga, it means someone who has returned after a period of abroad. But lately it just means someone who flexes.

5. Item 13.

Now no one can go a day without using this word. It is a very unique piece meaning refreshments. It's origin is from the Ghanaiain parliament house.

6. Skin Pain

When someone says skin pain to another person, it means the person thinks other person is envious of him or her.

7. Mate

Mate in the animal world means a partner. In modern day English, it means friend or colleague. However here in Ghana we call Bus conductors mate.

8. Chisel

If a person is referred to as chisel in Ghana, it means he or she is stingy.

9. Dropping

Taking a dropping means chartering a taxi or any commercial vehicle for that matter.

10. Home-Use

This word means slightly used products which are sold at lower prices so people can afford them.

Which one of these work do you use most? Tell us some of yours.... 

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